C2660 function does not take 2 arguments

I’m trying to do the OF particle system tutorial from here:

But Visual Studio won’t compile cause apparently my “Ball::moveTo” method does not take 2 arguments. But it does! It looks like it does! I’ve gone over the page again and again, I don’t know what is wrong!

Here is what I have in the ball.h header file

void moveTo(int _xDestiny, int _yDestiny);

Here is how it is defined in ball.cpp

void Ball::moveTo(int _xDestiny, int _yDestiny) {
    x += (_xDestiny - x)*0.1;
    y += (_yDestiny - y)*0.1;

And here is what I’m doing in ofApp.cpp

ball1.moveTo(mouseX, mouseY);

The name of the class object is ball1
Yes, I have #include “ball.h” in ofApp.h and “ball.cpp”
The files are in the same directory as everything else, this is the only error I have when I try to compile.

Please help me

can you put the whole code / project online somewhere? it’s a bit hard to say what’s going on without seeing it all.