Bzero : identifier not found in ofxAccelerometerHandler?

I’m trying to use ofxAccelerometerHandler (though it sounds like it’s not going to work when I get to iOS?), but it throws a build error:

bzero : identifier not found

Searching the OF directories, it looks like ofxAccelerometerHandler is the only source file mentioning bzero.

I’m wondering if this is just me not knowing I need to #include something else, or if I should define bzero as some other memory-zeroing function, or if this is a sign that ofxAccelerometerHandler has been abandoned and I should be using something else for acceleration & tilt data?

Ok, it appears there’s just something I don’t quite get about Android builds versus other platforms. I just discovered I can build it in Android Studio with no complaints about bzero. It just fails in Visual Studio. Also, Visual Studio wants me to #include “ofxAccelerometer\src\ofxAccelerometer.h” to find that header file, but Android Studio has no problem finding #include “ofxAccelerometer.h”.

I guess that’s “problem sovled” for now, then. Though I am curious what I am going to need to use to read an accelerometer in iOS.