buying a webcam for OF

I was wondering if anyone could suggest a webcam for a Mac G4 tower that would work well with openFrameworks. If I’m going to spend $100+ on a webcam (which looks like it may be the case), I’m hoping that I get one that will interface well with the example video player code (since I don’t need to get much fancier than that for what I’m doing).

Basically, it’s going to run in a gallery for a month showing people their own video image (nothing fancy) with an animated graphics display below the video being controlled by incoming serial data.

Suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hey Randy!

People seem to really like the fire-i camera from unibrain - they have detachable lenses which is quite handy and I am pretty sure you can make all the settings manual if you need. I think they are not too pricey.…-e-i-DC.htm

We have a bunch of info here on mac camera hardware here:…-vices-OS-X

If you just want to get a cheap webcam then the macam driver site lists a whole bunch of compatible webcams.

Hope that helps!

Thanks! I always forget about the wiki.

I think I’m going to cut out the video “mirror” thing since people already know what they look like and its probably better to have a small blurb in its place explaining what the hell the project is.

Either way, I’ll be buying a webcam very shortly.


i was thinking in buying the unibrain camara

however i will be working with IR…and wanted to know if there are any filters one can buy and therefore, adapt the normal unibrain camara in order to capture only IR…

or must I spend more cash in buying the digital board camara b/w and a filter with no ir filter coating?…-%5Fid=2050

HI Drogza, you can use the unibrain camera for IR.

THe board camera and the first link you posted are the same device, its just that the first link comes with a little plastic box to put the board camera in, and a tripod and a default lens etc. The camera itself is identical.

However, when you buy the ‘full package’ version, you get a 4.3mm lens with IR filter, so it only lets visible light pass through. What you need to do is buy a separate lens (they just screw onto the camera) which doesn’t filter the IR. List of lenses here
part no. 2046 is the one you want (thats normal-to-narrow field of view, if you want wider its the 2.1mm part no 2047 you want - thats 81 degrees which is quite wide, it sucks that there is no inbetween).

If you put on one of these lenses, you can now pick up visible light and IR - which is better (at least the IR is coming through), but still not what you want, so you need to cut out visible light - and use a bandpass filter which only lets the IR frequencies pass. There are many ways to do this, ranging from using layers of film (pretty lofi), to using very expensive precise filters - thats upto you, you can find them on google, ebay etc. depending on what you want to do you can get away with varying levels of quality for the bandpass filter. I attached mine to the front of my camera by sticking a piece of sponge on the camera box, and squeezing in the loose filter glass into the sponge… works quite well.

So in short you can either:

  • buy the ready pack cam + no ir filter lens + ir bandpass filter OR
  • buy the board cam + a box to put it in + no ir filter lens + ir bandpass filter

I went for the first option because I now also have a ir filter lens as well if I want to do other stuff…

Thanks alot for the help…

i just but the normal camara with the no ir filter lense…