Bundling libturbojpeg.dylib in your OSX .app

Being new to OSX development, I’m still getting a handle on some of the finer points of library management in Xcode. Today I learned all about .dylibs and thought I might throw a note in here for the next poor n00b who gets ofxTurboJpeg working fine in debug mode, but can’t launch the .app itself and distribute the executable:

I kept getting an error:

Library not loaded: libturbojpeg.dylib
Reason: image not found

I tried putting the library everywhere in the bundled package. No good. Couldn’t find it. So through much trial and error I discovered the solution:

Under the project settings, Build Phases tab, Run Script heading, there is part of a script that looks like this:

cp -f ../../../libs/fmodex/lib/osx/libfmodex.dylib "$TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$PRODUCT_NAME.app/Contents/MacOS/libfmodex.dylib";

install_name_tool -change ./libfmodex.dylib @executable_path/libfmodex.dylib "$TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$PRODUCT_NAME.app/Contents/MacOS/$PRODUCT_NAME";

In order to properly copy in libturbojpeg.dylib AND let it and the executable know where it is, add this:

cp -f ../../../addons/ofxTurboJpeg/libs/turbo-jpeg/lib/osx/libturbojpeg.dylib "$TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$PRODUCT_NAME.app/Contents/MacOS/libturbojpeg.dylib";

install_name_tool -change libturbojpeg.dylib  @executable_path/libturbojpeg.dylib  "$TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$PRODUCT_NAME.app/Contents/MacOS/$PRODUCT_NAME"

Rock and roll.

There are some things that Xcode makes much more pleasant than VS. This was not one of those things.

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Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me under OS X 10.10.

However, it worked perfectly under the project settings, Build Phases tab, Copy Files heading, adding libturbojpeg.dylib.

I hope it works for the rest.