BumbleBee2 + OpenFrameworks

Hello People,

I just got BumbleBee2 camera on behalf of my company and I was getting some errors when I first tried running it through openframeworks. I did vidgrabber.SetDeviceID[1]; // as its the 2nd device being detected by my laptop. I am on PC side and I found some posts. It would be helpful if somebody provided the code and went through it. I now realize there are couple of options and answer has to be in one of them

  1. Using Pointgrey SDK
  2. Using libdc1394 IEEE library

Would like to see how this has been connected to openframeworks. Again I am on PC side using visual studio.



Can anybody reply please?

I can provide the details of the code and errors I am getting while listing the details.


Have you tried ofxVideoGrabber in the contributed addons? It has support for libdc1394 compatible cameras.

If you have errors, please post them.

I ran movieGrabber example within apps/examples/ folder and got the following error. And its the same as while I was running opencv example.

I used the following line of code to use pointgreys bumblebee2 camera

In the console while running,
It tried connecting but couldnt connect and then gave these errors.

OF_ERROR: error allocating a video device
OF_ERROR: please check your camera with AMCAP or other software

Now all these is happening on windows side. To my surprise I successfully tested bumbleebee2 on mac side with official opencv library as well openframeworks examples. and I was able to do face detection as well using bumblebee2 on mac side. I think its still running as 2d device not 3d.

Anyways may I know what the problem is on windows side?


did you try the ofxVideoGrabber addon?

did you try your camera with AMCAP like the error suggested?

if you want better / more prompt help, you need to provide a more detailed question.