Building vst/audio units with oF?

howdy all,

as the title says, this is what im asking. but if this is possible to do.
can vst effects/instruments be built. or even audio units, since mac users can have something in logic.
if so, where would be the best place to look. i know of places where its AU/vst, but thats non oF just normal c++ or c for that matter.
im just looking for more small projects to do in oF, and was wondering whether this could be one really.


lewis lepton

im assuming with the many responses :wink: that it isnt possible.
ah well, i have looked at JUCE. but was hoping to stick to one extension rather than moving from one to the other

id just like to try again and ask, since its the weekend. id like to do these in oF, but have had a very helpful person hand me a pure c++ and cocoa template to build audio units, non oF.

but just want to see if it can be done in oF.

Hey smokingbunny,

Some time ago I looked at Steinberg SDK and was able to compile it with OF.
If I remember correctly there are some examples included for both building and hosting VST, for windows and osx.
Maybe have a look at it and see if it helps.