Building release application without console window (Visual Studio)


I was trying to create a release build from an application (Windows) created with openFrameworks, and everything seemed to go fine, except I can’t seem to get rid of the console window. It is nice and all for debugging but I won’t need it in my final build.

I know normally you can build a release build and set the Subsystem to Windows instead of console (Properties->Linker->System->SubSystem) and change the name of the first class from main() to WinMain(). This does create a lot of errors, so I tried changing that back to main() and set the Entry point to main() (Properties->Linker->Advanced->Entry point)

But also that creates a lot of errors/warnings… Maybe this should be done in a different way for openFrameworks?

Thanks for ant tips in advance!

I also want to know how to do it. somebody can help?

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there’s some discussion here about potential ways to do this –

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