Building examples for the first time

I apologise for the newbie, blatanly ignorant question: How do we build the examples on ubuntu 14.04?

I’ve followed

Then I went to apps/devApps/projectGenerator and build this with make.

When I run projectGenerator, the GUI looks fine but is broken since I can’t select but some options (the mouse click seems shifted) and I guess there are buttons missing since I don’t see how can I tell it to build the examples (I’ve selected the option, but I couldn’t recognize a button to start the build).

That could be some issue with compiz or a problem with the window library used.

Anyway, I wanted to build the examples, is there a command-line way of using the projectGenerator or another way to get a makefile without coding it myself?

I’ve figured it out. So the OF path was wrong and you are expected to set it to the openFramework root directory and then click on the generate. I got a lot of “source directory does not exist” errors, but at least I do have the makefiles there.

Now I’m stuck with this same issue ofAppGLFWWindow: couldn’t create GLFW window

Which I’m not sure I’ll be able to solve since I tried to use the propietary drivers but didn’t work… so I might be stuck with OpenGL 1.4. I’ll try out ubuntuforums or something to try to solve this.

Anyway, any examples or oF version I could use with OpenGL 1.4?