Building but not running

I able to build the program but not able to run

Can you provide more information? From the screenshot, I guess you’re working on Win7 w/ Code::Blocks.

Did you follow this guide?

What version of C::B are you using? Do you have the latest version of oF? Does running the program give you any errors / error codes? Does this happen only with the 3DModelLoaderExample?

It’s hard to help without information.

Tipp: In Win7, there is a tool called ‘Snipping Tool’ to create Screenshots, so you don’t have to take a picture of your screen. Simply go to Start and type in ‘Snnipping Tool’.

I am using CB 10.05

this might happen if not all the right DLLs are with the app. Does this happen on all compiled examples or just this one?

Vth all examples

I had somewhat a similar problem, this might be caused by your antivirus program .I had avast antivirus .For eg. the first time i run a project it scan and makes me wait for a few minutes before allowing the project to run .Yours might not even be allowing it or taking too much time to scan ?

Noe what shall I di

You can check by running visual studio as a admin and modifying firewall setting that might be obstructing visual studio, but this is just a possibility .Dont be sure that antivirus is the only problem causing this.Please be careful with the firewall settings .Cheers :smile: