building a project for snow leopard under osx lion

i’m developing my project under osx lion with xcode 4.1

the machine the project will run on has snow leopard installed. at the moment when i try to start the app it exits instantly “application quit unexpectedly”.

what do i have to do to make the built project app compatible with snow leopard?

you will need to set the base-sdk to 10.6 for the target, because the app is being built for 10.7 now.

here’s a screehot of what that looks like:

There’s a few places this appears – I do this under the project settings, between the config and the app settings in the panel.

can you let me know if that helps?

hey zach … silly mistake on my side. forgot to copy the data folder to the other machine, that was causing the instant quit.

the release build is now successfully running on the snow leopard machine, even with the base sdk set to 10.7 (the base sdk in the openFrameworks project is set to 10.6 though, otherwise no project will compile on my lion machine)