Build system question

Hi all.
This question may seem a bit strange, but: Is there any plan of making a better buildsystem for OF?
Currently developing with OF is sometimes painful when it comes to trying to combine it with any other project. In my case I’m using CMake mostly along with linux.
I’m using linux mostly, so the windows-style way “bundle all the libs along” way doesn’t look really nice to me - more like some quick&dirty hack (as well as the project management script)
I would really love to see oF to compile as a shared library, so that I can link my apps with it and do not worry what buildsystem I use for the project.
Since the buildsystem is currently the only thing I dislike about oF, I will probably be doing some hacking around the sourcecode of oF this weekend and perhaps port it to CMake (or at least try to do so).
Thanks in advance.
P.S. May be it is easier to develop it like that under codeblocks or VC, but since I hate both of them, it’s definetely not an option for me.

Have you seen this post?

There may be more attempts, just search the forum

Also a shared lib for Linux may be in the works in the future, but a few changes will need be made before that happens

Thnks a lot, That saved me a lot of time.


I’m currently working on using cmake to build OF as a shared/static library.
I recently added cmake files to build examples and addons build files will be committed soon (I did not work on that since a long time but I’m actually really motivated to finish that)

Eclipse project file generation works fine (at least on linux) and MacOS X part will be committed as well very soon.

The next step will be to create a debian package for OpenFrameworks library and examples.

I don’t know if others a interested in integrating it in future release but, for me it’s really time saving.

Feel free to test and to provide feedback, ideas.

The openframeworks repository including this work is available on and I’m trying to keep track on the official OF github repository.


Since I’m using cmake a lot for other projects, I found it quite handy and I’m wondering now if it is suitable for ofDevelopment.

Openframeworks uses its own project generator. What were the reasons for this decision?
I’ve noticed taht some ofUsers were already using cmake to generate their makefiles or {xcode, eclipse, visual studio, code::block} project files.
Are there any disadvantages using cmake?
@dopuskh3, @NuclearPhoenix Are you still using cmake?
One big advantage for me is that it should be quite easy to integrate other libs already providing cmake files (like pcl, vtk, opensg, …). Also, the ability to generate project files for many IDEs is very nice.

Experimenting with cmake, I’ve got already my projects compiling and linking against the core. But I had some difficulties to write a general cmake file for the addons.
Unfortunately, I won’t be able to continue before September/October.