Build small project for Android (paid)

I have a small project built in Windows and OSX that I would also like built for Android. It’s very small/simple but it uses ofxOpenCv which I am having trouble getting to play nicely with the Android build of OF (even with the examples).

I am happy to pay someone if they can build the Android version for me. Please PM me for more details if you’re interested.

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you should ping @theDANtheMAN – he’s helped me w/ an android project recently and might have some tips to help get you setup or be able to do this work for you.

Thanks @zach I’ll do that.

Hello I also working with Android + oF recently.
Please ping me if you need someone to help.


Hi, I can help you to achieve this project, would it be possible to know a little bit more about it?
Let me know your interest further

Thank you!

I’ve found someone for this now. Thanks anyway.

Hello @csw

Hope you are doing well.

If you are still looking for assistance on this or any other technical requirements of yours, please share the details of your requirements with me, then i can get back to you with an estimate on the same day.

You can mail me at: aaron.cis10 at gmail dot com

Hoping to work with you. :slight_smile:

Best Regards
Aaron L
S k y p e: aaron.cis