Build openframework on ubuntu14.04 and develop it with vim or sublime

hello everyone,
I seldom use IDE for coding .It seems all the setup methods need an IDE. so i am wondering how to build the openframework on ubuntu 14.04.
can someone help me ?

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thanks,i will try . the package from
2.extract the package like this: tar -zxvf ~/of_v0.8.4_linux_release/scripts/linux/ubuntu
3.enter the file path like this: cd ~/of_v0.8.4_linux_release/scripts/linux/ubuntu should do sudo apt-get update before running the script the script : sudo ./ sudo ./ sudo ./

i have done what you recommended . so how to test if the environment is set properly?

you can enter this folder cd ~/of_v0.8.4_linux64_release/apps/myApps/emptyExample , double click the emptyExample.workspace in this folder, then this project is opened in the codeblocks ide, you can press F9

sorry,i wont use IDE. i only use vim or sublime .

cd ~/of_v0.8.4_linux64_release/apps/myApps/emptyExample
make run

cd ~/of_v0.8.4_linux64_release/projectGenerator
make run
this will help you generate your project

great thanks .i have set up the environment for openframeworks on ubuntu 14.04. And the example works well on my laptop. By trying this way ,it will install the codeblocks but you dont need to care since you can still run code with sublime and compile with make (or cmake ) :)

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