Build failed with v0.11.0_vs2017 on Windows 10 pro

Hi There,

Just download the latest (0.11.0) vs2017 build and have tried to build on Windows 10 pro machine.
With the boilerplate app generated by the ‘project generator’, I got errors
'[error] ofAppGLFWWindow: 65542: WGL: The driver does not appear to support OpenGL
[error] ofAppGLFWWindow: couldn’t create FLFW window"

Any leads to solve this? ":confused:

What is your video hardware like?

Are you running the program directly on your computer, or via a remote desktop / terminal program?

Is that error during build or when running?

Hardware is Intel NUC i7HVK1, 32G ram. Radeon RX Vega M GH graphics.
Program is running directly on the PC and the error is happened after I hit ‘build’ button on my Visual Studio.

That’s not a problem I’ve experienced, but hopefully someone who knows more can help.

I am surprised you are getting a build-time error mentioning driver support, though, because I would think the build should tend not to be when that matters. I have had run-time driver issues, but not build-time ones. My only thought/guess would be the project settings could be targeting specific video drivers, but I wouldn’t think that would tend to be the case.

Thanks @Drazinut for sharing experience. It turns out issue has solved because of old Windows 10 version causing the graphic driver’s OpenGL version is too old. So the solution is making sure every Windows upate is patched on Windows. :sweat_smile:

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