Build Failed: “ofApp.h” File not found (Xcode 8.2.1 OS &X El Capitan 10.11.6)

Hello Everyone,

I’m using Openframeworks to simplify the process of importing libraries such as ofxOpenCV and ofxOpenNI, so that I can program my Xbox Kinect sensor.

When 1st downloaded Openframeworks(v. 0.98) and created a project using the ProjectManager, everything compiled and built successfully, and a grey, blank window was displayed.

However, just after a few test-builds for different add-ons, I’m unable to build and compile any project created by the ProjectGenerator. Initially, I thought that it was because of my code or the specific add-on I was using, but even the empty project example (the one that originally comes with Openframeworks) does not build successfully (even though it used to moments ago).

In all of these failed builds, Xcode prompts the same error:
Build Failed: “ofApp.h” File not found


I really hope that a person here kindly helps me solve this problem.

P.s. I am using a 15-inch, mid 2012 macbook pro with NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M

Hello everyone, I solve this problem by uninstalling Xcode, restarting my computer, and then reinstalling Xcode. Now everything works fine as it use to!