Build fail ('fatal error: tesselator.h: No such file') - Manjaro


new to OF, trying to compile and get first example running (on manjaro). When I run ./ -j3 , I get this error:

openFrameworks/libs/openFrameworks/utils/ofConstants.h:268:10: fatal error: tesselator.h: No such file or directory
  268 | #include "tesselator.h"

No idea what i am doing wrong. Is it a dependency i am missing?

Hi @Mango , did you download oF (for linux) from the downloads page? And then did you follow the linux install guide and run the script for arch linux? The tesselator.h file should be in the folder /libs/tess2/include/. It comes with the linux-specific download of oF, but its not in the /libs folder on the master branch of the github page. So if you downloaded from the github page you’d be missing this header, along with lots of other libs that come with oF for linux.

Hi, Thank very much for reply ! Ok I see, yeah i donwloaded first from github, that why i was getting error. I have now downloaded from the downloads page, and it compiles now! Thanks again

As a side question, do you have an idea how i can integrate it with CMake?

Hey glad you got oF compiled. I’m terrible with build systems though. Maybe search the forum for “CMake” and look at some of the threads as there has been some discussion and development in the past.