Build errors CodeBlocks

Hey so I’ve been trying to compile an example for a few hours, first I did a clean install with codeblocks 13.12 and the OF 0.8.4.

But I managed to get the

..\..\..\libs\openFrameworksCompiled\lib\win_cb\openFrameworks.lib(ofLog.o):ofLog.cpp:(.eh_frame$_ZN11ofLogNoticeD0Ev+0x13)||undefined reference to `__gxx_personality_v0'|
..\..\..\libs\openFrameworksCompiled\lib\win_cb\openFrameworks.lib(ofRectangle.o):ofRectangle.cpp|| undefined reference to `_Unwind_Resume'|

Naturally I thought it would have been the compiler mismatches, so I downloded codeblocks 12.11 and OF 0.7.4 and managed to build and run graphics example.

I went to run a 3D example and I got the same build errors again. When I tried to build the graphics example again, I got the same errors, even though it built the first time?

Any ideas?