Box2D - multiple shapes to a body

Hello there,
I would like to create a complex shape in Box2D with multiple fixtures.

In the best case the shape would look like the one on the left and it would rotate around the center.
I already created a shape that looks exactly like this connected with joints, but as I know joints are not able to become completly rigid. So each shape moves individually which i dosen’t want.

My second attempt was to create a complex polygon like the one on the right, but wasn’t able to use the polygonshape either. For now I try to explore the polygonshape more so that i might come to an answer.

Do you guys have any other ideas how I can create shapes like this?



I don’t know if you need to draw it inside OF… otherwise, you can import is from an SVG file.

I tryed (and it worked) what is suggested in this link. I used the mesh option in particular to draw an image within the “particle”.

Hope it helps you too.