Boundless dragging

how can you add a “boundless” dragging capability to a program?

By boundless dragging I refer to the behavior I have seen on some software, often used to rotate knobs or sliders. While normally the mouse pointer stops moving when it has reached the screen boundaries, in some situations (such as knob turning) you don’t want this to happen. The mouse cursor either “wraps around” the screen, it stays in place or it disappears. I am sure this user interface behavior has a name but I could not find it, thus my search results were not great.

It gets very annoying when not implemented, if the knob you want to turn is close to a screen edge.

One intuitive solution I have, if an abstraction does not exist already, would be to take control over the mouse movement; measuring the delta movement and integrating it into the knob while subtracting it from the mouse position.