Boost c++ libraries

I need to use boost c++ to get the chi square and other statistics im trying to use this libraries
is possibles to use it in the OF project? if it is how can i compile it?

ok! i found this :smile:

Some one have experience using this?

In my experience, compiling boost for many OSs is a pain… BUT: be aware that some boost libraries are header only, so you only have to include the boost folder to your compiler header search path.

I am not aware if this particular library is header only or not…

Don’t bother building it yourself. If you’re on OS X, install Boost using homebrew:

brew install boost

Then in your OF project, add /usr/local to your header search paths.

Naturally, if you’re on Linux, just install the boost dev package.

On Windows, there are downloadable pre-built versions of Boost. You then have to add the header and lib search paths to Visual Studio.

i’m on iOS i include the search path looks like found but i get a bunch of errors. Ask me to chance the < for "
but dosn´t work.