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Hi friends! Maybe question has been rotated for many times, sorry for that! I just begin. I would like to ask you! Is it ok for study OF to use the books are recommended on the processing site? E.g The Nature of Code
Visualizing Data
Ben Fry
Thank you so much !


I bought this book and I am on OF since many years. I do not use Processing. Of course it’s useful, there are many ideas that you can bring in to c++ code.


these are also processing based, but could/can be converted over to openFrameworks. it can be fun doing the conversion, because then it dips you into other areas you may not know about & then helps you learn other things :wink:

generative code

generative design: visualise, program & create using processing

generative art

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there is also openFrameworks books that have been made as well. both done by the same guy

openFrameworks essentials

mastering openFrameworks

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I love the Nature of Code!

I actually did the whole exercise of converting many of the examples in the Nature of Code to openFrameworks. (There’s a full repo out there too,

There’s a lot of Processing material out there and they are always good points of looking at things. The only thing that you should keep in mind are the differences between Processing and oF and how certain things are implemented differently. For example, using glm::vec3 instead of Pvector classes, how operator overloading helps in these situations, C++ vectors instead of ArrayLists and so on.

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Paolo! thank for comments! I looked through several chapters. agree with you!


Is a very useful comment. thank you for paying attention!


Thank you so much! one of them i have read " openFrameworks Essentials" good book about OF in general!


I am artist but i have never make a deal with coding but i have an idea of C++ and now I study “OF BOOK” There are too much information in internet! It will be so cool for me if you recommend me how to my education to be struct!