Books in Bristol or London

Hi all! This week i stay 2 days in Bristol and one in London (I have already seen the exhibition at v&a museum in London and i will come back again :-)).
I want to buy some book about interactive/graphics/code but i don’t know where!
Can you tell me some good place in those city!?
Thanks a lot!

foyles on charing cross road is good in london

you can check stock on line and if you order for collection in advance it is cheaper

I was actually in london for the first time in my whole life…I was wonderful I like it alot. I have always wanted to go there but it never happened. i have a sister in law there so This time we went at last over Christmas. I had a wonderful time.

Hey thanks Nick, I will look at foyles next time I visit. Which will be in April I think.


Stanfords is ok as they have one in London as well but I don’t think it will have any decent book on coding etc, but nice post to spam your back links in anyway.

I think London is an expensive city to buy books. You’d better order them online.

For hard-to-get books I always use the University bookshop at the top of Gower St., London

Forget about a book store, they are way to expensive.
Order online and save money.