boodler soundscape generator and openframeworks

Hi all

I created a super simple openframeworks project which connect as a client to boodler agents. It sends text message over the network to the boodler agent. The idea is that the boodler agents can generate soundscapes running on a completely separate machine and over the network the openframework app can let the soundscape generator know so it can change the soundscape. A boodler agent is a bit of python code that can be used to hook different audio clips together in a sequential or random way, change the pitch and panning and much more.

Read more about boodler at

Find the sample code here:

The project is built against openframeworks 0062 and against boodler 2.0.4

The project has the familiar src directory with main.cpp, testApp.cpp and testApp.h as well as a SoundMachine class that is derived from ofxTCPClient.

It also has a boodler directory which contains the python for a listening agent. Info on how to run the agents can also be found in the README files.

At the moment the example connects to the machine on which it is running, that is localhost but the SoundMachine class can easily be changed to connect to a different ip address.