Bonjour Mundo

I’m a french guy living in Barcelona, Spain. I’m a recent computer engineering dropout, now working as a RoR web developer, planning to do a Master in cognitive science and interactive medias here too. Otherwise I live on the internets as many of you do as I imagine. I have a musical alias : I want to build things for musical interaction, audiovisual installation, web installations, street installations. As for programming I can C++ a little. I developped a VST plugin at Ubisoft this summer. I did some stuff with Processing too (for android mainly), but I have the feeling Open Frameworks is a more solid/serious community

Also, I want to live in LA some day, planning on going there this summer. Definitely feeling the internet vibe from here.


welcome to OF! arturo (one of the main OF developers) is also in barcelona.

i’d like to see more VST-y/sound things with OF. i’m excited to see what you do!

also, the soundcloud link you posted is broken :frowning:

Hi Kyle!
Soundcloud link corrected!