bodyfuck: a gestural brainfuck interpreter

hi everyone,

Here is a video demonstration of a project that I’ve been working on. It’s a gestural brainfuck interpreter.

being on the left or right shifts the byte pointer. jumping increases the byte, ducking decreases the byte, and waiting on the left or right starts or ends a loop. having arms outstretched puts a ‘.’ which is the output command. currently there isn’t an input (or a backspace!) but I’m working on it :slight_smile:

and thanks to everyone here who has helped me over the years!

Love it! The most intentionally terrible programming language ever + aerobics; what could be better?

Thats AWESOME…great work Nikhan…

Totally agree with you Joshua, its a winning combination alright.


this is funny. how do you do the recognition part?

This is freaking brilliant!!! should make one for white space… would be even easier I would think.

huge props for pulling this off.