Body tracking (ZED camera)

I am looking for an outdoor kinect alternative. I have found this stereo camera : ZED stereolabs.
I have also found this addon to get the depth map of the camera ( ).
Before buy one, I would like to know if it’s possible to analyse this raw depth map to detect humans skeletons with an openframeworks addons ?


Hi Nebnes,

The only skeleton tracking system that I know of is via the Microsoft Kinect:

You could port openNI to the Zed:

But that would be quite a bit of work.


if you do buy one let us know how well it works in terms of depth image and point cloud grabbing.

I have a zed. I found it fairly noisy and not that great relative to my experiences with the kinect and panasonic devices.

We had experimented with ZED, here is detailed overview:
Yes, depth image is a noisy, but it seems enough for some interactive outdoor applications.

We developed ofxKuZed addon for using it with openFrameworks:

It allows to get RGB images, depth and point clouds from ZED:

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