Body Swap

Hi all,

Just wanted to post my latest project Body-Swap

Have you ever wanted to pull the strings of your friends and family like a puppet? Do you wish you were as small as a child again, or as big as an adult?

This installation transforms your body movements into control of another person. Dance around, jump in the air, do anything you like to make them look silly. However don’t forget, they are doing it to you at the same time.

Two people stand in front of the screen, are captured by the camera and turned into paper cut-out versions of themselves. The images are then swapped, so that you each take control of the other. The aesthetic is of a low polygon 90?s video game. Music plays and prompts you to act out to the audience and each other.

Two players of different height, such as father and son, see a reversal of scale. The youngest magically becomes big, and the adult shrinks to the proportions of the child.

Would be great to hear what you think.

:smiley: yey! like it! great! super! fun! have you seen my kinekt3dskeletonprotectionsuit ->
greetings ascorbin

that’s beautifull! I’m going to test your lighting and projection setup on a project I’m working on at the university. I’m having a hard time finding a proper setup for cameras to get a good image in openCV.

Nice like the shields in “Dune” movie !