body paint

Hi all, I finally got round to editing and uploading footage of a performance from march earlier this year.

footage of the installation from the same event (chris o’shea was there too showing out of bounds, was great).

all written in openframeworks, using opencv etc. more info at

you sorprised me again nice projects

awesome man!!!

Really really nice stuff.
This is not definitely another painting app!

I have a question Memo.
I want to do a “watercolor” drawing app where user paints with his hand movement (only hand no the whole body) over a black&white background image.

I’ve been able to draw points, lines, shapes and do a bit of texturing.
Its quite OK but is missing the “watercolor” behaviour. I mean that need this kind of movement, dripping effect.
Also my colors are not mixing, only overlapping (one above the other).

So what you recommend me to start with? Using fluids simulation? Use openGL textures?
If is not too much to ask, how did you got those painting effects? Is this a kind of brush or are just particles? How did you mix colors?

Again good work and thanks for your time.


really nice projects