Blurry texture issue


Im making a 360 videoplayer, using a textured sphere, so far so good.

But when i apply the texture of the videoplayer to the sphere, the texture looks blurry and doesnt have the same quality as the video, it looks a lot less sharpen.

I tougth that i have to make the circunference of the sphere to match the with of the texture in order to dont have to scale the texture to fit the surface, but it doesnt seems to help. Also tried to disable smoothing but nothing…

Its possible to improve the quality? Any tips will be welcome

Hi @pandereto, could you post an image of this issue? Are you just binding the videoplayer’s texture to the sphere mesh? I think there was an example that did that with many of3dPrimitives in the examples folder.

Hi @chuckleplant Its not the same frame in the two images but you get the idea.

Im texturing an ofSpherePrimitive, right now using a fixed value for the radious as using diferent values seems to not affect

ofSpherePrimitive p = ofSpherePrimitive(100.0,60);
sphereMesh = p.getMesh();

for(int i = 0; i < sphereMesh.getNumVertices(); i++){
	ofVec2f texCoord = sphereMesh.getTexCoord(i);

    texCoord.x *= texture.getWidth();
	texCoord.y  = (1.0 - texCoord.y) * texture.getHeight();

	sphereMesh.setTexCoord(i, texCoord);

Rendering as a videoplayer “flat”

textured over an shpere with an ofcamera on center

found that the cause was the position of the camera, moving it a little backwards helps a lot but the render looks a little bit spherical distorted

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