blunt inquiry about lion support of OF and kinect support on OSX


has been a while since i’ve been here :slight_smile:

and sorry for being so blunt and direct, but i did a search on the forum before.
and there were threads about problems with lion. just no real last verdict.
i did not expect it to work flawlessly anyway :slight_smile:
i have a new mac mini with lion and so far personally i have been only dissappointed.
not a smooth transition at all. i could not import any data from my leopard MBP.

but coming back to my questions.
i have a project coded on OF v06x, which worked on leopard and snow leopard (GCC4.2 i think).
now i want to migrate and yesterday i just quickly opened the project and got some warnings.
and it did not build. i did not have time to further look into it.
obviously the dropped PPC support was one thing, then the change to LLVM compiler another thing.
but if i choose the base SDK as 10.6, would everything be fine (in theory).
or should i update to OF v007 anyway? any additional patches?
maybe someone can post me a quick status quo how thinks work out on lion (mostly interested in video capture, opengl, image processing).

but, this only makes sense if somebody could give me some information about kinect support on macosx (lion again). i am not really uptodate about that. i know there were proof of concepts (reading the raw streams).
is it more stable now? i am mostly interested in very coarse skeletal tracking. is this implemented somewhere?
or should i change the platform and/or SDK (windows/linux, openni/microsoft official kinect sdk)?
i would like to stay on macosx, but if i can’t get skeletal info, i would probably change platform for now …

thx for any info,

afaik, 0062 supports 10.5 and 10.6, while 007 supports 10.6 and 10.7. i have seen problems with 007 on 10.5 (due to poco) and problems with 0062 on 10.7 (i don’t know the official reason for this). so i suggest you upgrade your project to 007 if you’d like to keep it running for new OSes.

openni supports skeletal information cross platform, it’s just as stable as it has ever been – no more, no less. on osx it still crashes my computer sometimes. the micrsoft sdk is still the only one that supports skeletal tracking without requiring the psi pose, but it’s obviously windows only.

This is a good resource of what is new in OF 007

Here is a thread with some changes listed

This is the way to start skeletal tracking on the mac

thx alot jvcleave & kylemcdonald!!!
this really really helps me alot to get things started quickly.
i will try to port my application tonight and get some kinect samples up and running.
i’ll post more problems and or success stories …

ah, btw, one more thing - so i guess no more problems with libusb and lagging transfer on macosx
like in the initial kinect-on-macosx vimeo video by theo, right?
do i need libusb or is it included? well, i’ll find out i guess

ofxKinect includes libusb. theo’s video was almost a year ago now, and we’ve changed libusb and ofxKinect significantly since theo got it working. it’s very stable.

thx kyle, sounds good. thx for the effort!!

ok, i worked with that the last nights. the gameoverhack example built flawlessly.
also runs and in general the code and kinect seems very stable on my lion. thx again!!!

i had general problems finding out the flow (calibrate with psi pose, then tracking) but thx to google got it running. drawing of the skeleton/limbs was screwed up tho, but i could fix it. i disabled some other drawing,
probably an opengl matrixstack problem (osx driver or OF7 problem with it).
anyway, very amazing technology!!!

one thing though - the used version of openNI is already outdated.
i tried the latest unstable from but failed already at the installation script … (maybe a problem of lion).
i think i would be fine with the old gameoverhack version, but there is no documentation included
and i can’t get the old one on the official site :frowning:

any pointers?