Blob Tracker (ofxCvBlobTracker) with poco events

Wondering if anyone has tried to tackle this. I know the NOR_/D has a finger tracker. But I think that it would be nice to have a general blob tracker that we can use in any opencv seq tracking project. Plus to have poco events that any class can register would be sick.

Arturo: is there an example of a simple events and listener setup? :slight_smile:


Hey Todd - Here is a blob tracker I put together for my students. It is definitely not as sophisticated as Stefan’s tracker but it is quite easy to understand and produces pretty good results. (first link)

hey todd

i’m changing the events structure, the calls for registering events will be almost the same but the events and listener structure change a little bit. I’m testing the changes with different addons. can test with this. but anyway i’ll send some examples soon.

Hey Theo,

All is running very well.
Thanks you so much :slight_smile:

I wrote a basic blob tracker that just serves the blobs up as TUIO points. Disadvantage is there’s no way to indicate blob size. Advantage is that it can be used with any TUIO app right away.