blob detection

Hi you all!

I’m needing some information about a library for doing blob detection. I know there’s the idea to integrate it unto the main openFramework stuff, in the meantime, can you point me the library that you’ll working with? It will be good to do little migration (if necessary at all).

Thanks, F.

check out the opencv addon,
which detects blobs:

take care

I guess i’m following the instructions, but when i try the example, i get an error:

choosing 2  
SETUP: device[2] not found - you have 0 devices available  

I also tried the videoGrabber example without any problem. What should be the next steps to test this example?


some info:
what computer / compiler / etc?
can you see a camera with amcap ?
thanks, zach

It works fine with AMCAP.
Computer: ASUS AJ8S (Core 2 Duo), webcam integrated: Vimicro.
Compiler: DEV C++.

Actually, i can see the image with the imageGrabber example.


is the videoGrabber code that works from you from OF PR 0.01 or 0.02 ?

can you try removing object code (clean the project) and rebuilding?

if that doesn’t work, try duplicating the project that does work (videoGrabber 0.02, for example) – running it to make sure it works and then try again adding opencv as described in the addon info.

let me know if that helps

Cool! A Clean->Rebuild worked! Tnx!


yeah dev-c++ is voodoo like that some times… it doesn’t understand very well when code needs to be recompiled, so you wan wind up with all kinds of glitches and errors. We recommend cleaning the first time when you duplicate a project, as well as anytime you see some strange behavior…

glad it’s working!!

take care,