blob detection (ofxOpenCv) – blobs with IDs?

Is there any library, class or extension for the ofxOpenCv, that keeps the blobs, give them IDs so that i can recognize the same blobs? Or perhaps there is even like a multitouch event class (touch_down, touch_moved, touch_up)?

hi rool,

i seem to remember that palintra had an addon made that kept track of blobs and their IDs.
ofxCvContourFinderToo think it was called.

check out his example on this post,


actually, that example doesn’t work very well…
it doesn’t work with more than 2 blobs, which i only found out too late because with that installation most of the time there where only 2 hands over the light table…
but i know there is a blob tracker that i believe was made by Vanderlin, dont know where to download it though…

*edit* actually try looking in this thread, you might find what you want there



if it’s for multitouch take a look at comunity core vision: