blend function in OFW+arc()

a couple of simple questions:
is there a way to use glBlendFunc inside OFW?

what would be the equivalent of processing’s arc() in OFW?



I ran my own experiment just now, I was using some raw openGL commands and they work just fine. Sorry for the noise!

still, any idea about the arc() primitive?



there are some basic functions from processing which are still, unfortunately, completely missing from OF.

arc() is something you’ll have to write yourself for now. here’s one way:

void ofArc(float x, float y, float width, float height, float start, float stop) {  
  ofTranslate(x, y);  
  ofScale(width, height, 1);  
  float resolution = .1;  
  for(float theta = start; theta <= start; theta += resolution) {  
    glVertex2f(cos(theta), sin(theta));  

note that this only works for the noFill() case. the filled case needs to be triangulated.