BLE (bluetooth low energy) device within OF app in Windows

Hello all,

I’m looking for a way to use a BLE device (heart rate monitor Polar H7) within an OF application. Searching I have found only some rather old info related to iOS/OSx. Does anyone have some tips how to accomplish this in Windows?

Currently, I build a small UWP app in C#, which makes connecting to and receiving data from the BLE device rather trivial. I send the data to my OF app via OSC. If this is the best way, I will leave it like this. The UWP app sometimes stops doing measurements though, and rather than having to build and debug two apps, I’d like to have it all in the OF app.

Any thoughts appreciated!

Greets, Menno

This isn’t directly going to help, but your current structure gives you an opportunity to monitor and restart each app form the other. This technique is used by some missing critical applications to make sure they see always running.

Hello, thanks for your reply. I guess I will stick with the current setup for now. You are right decoupling also has advantages. Greets! Menno

Hey @mennowo, I sometimes use ofSystem() to run a terminal command to start another app (or run a script) from an OF application. This might be helpful for starting or managing the BLE device from your OF app while still having separate apps.

Thanks for the tip! I will probably stick with two seperate apps (cause why do complicated c++ things with bluetooth when the c# app already works :-), so starting the one automatically from the other is handy.