The title and tagline of this project makes me laugh (I didn’t come up with it).

Earlier this year I along with a few others, designed and created the visuals for this dance show.

More information at

While a lot of the content is traditional Illustrator / Aftereffects / Cinema4D, a lot of it is also generative, interactive and built with little OF apps; e.g. tracking the dancers to create motion based visuals, other little tools to draw and animate directly on the 3D model and record and output as an animation etc. Also the content was delivered via a custom media server built with OF which mapped the visuals in realtime onto the 3D model. Some minor hacks were necessary to OF to make that possible, but I believe they are now rolled into the core (ofEnableNormalizedTexCoords and related changes). Also the show was driven by Midi Time Code, I couldn’t find any code to deal with MTC so here is my code if anyone needs it.…-frameworks

Well done. Excellent work.

Can I ask for information about your projector hardware setup? Those colors are super vibrant!

Very impressive memo! Keep it up… :slight_smile:

Good project memo