Blank iOS project doesnt work

this is something i have ran into. it makes some sense, but with newer and newer releases of iOS etc, think it may be outdated in oF.
but as soon as i start a new blank project in oF and run it. it pops up with this message

how can this be fixed?
im on iOS8.2 using lateset public xcode, which i think is 6.3

any help on this?
because i am just perplexed on how to fix this to work

i forgot to mention.
this is happening in the public release 0.8.4

Hi this post goes into some detail on how to get things up and running -> Unable to compile 0.8.4 for iOS using Xcode 6.1.1, OS 10.10.2 on 64-bit iPad Air 1

awesome. thanks for that. ill check it out

thanks again. go it to work now.

was wondering, will this be fixed in later version. would think that this is keeping others from using iOS?

Work is underway to support 64 bit architecture in OF 0.9. For now there are some forks floating around that already offer this support.

There’s a bit of work to be done before we’ll see the official release