Blackmagic Decklink card problem

Has anyone got OF working with this card? I’m just setting up on a PC w VS2008. The card works correctly with other utilities, can record and playback video etc.

I tried to use with OF but it seems to have a problem setting it up. I’ve tried a number of resolutions. We are PAL here, so 720x576, but also NTSC 486 etc

Any ideas on what I could look for? I’m using the .61 release, downloaded a couple of days ago.

Any luck with this? I just ran into the same problem with Blackmagic Intensity Pro and Windows.


FYI, if anyone should happen upon this post, I wrote an openframeworks wrapper for the native DeckLink SDK for Windows. It’s not quite baked enough to release (complicated to compile, slightly disorganized). If you need it, PM me and I’ll send something along.

Its interface is very similar to ofVideoGrabber, but it deviates a bit in the setup.
A few other features:

  • YUV->grayscale and YUV->RGB conversion routines
  • Background capture of the native frames to a Quicktime file
  • Simultaneous preview and capture - preview can be a different size and colorspace than capture
  • Arbitrary scaling

It’s heavily multithreaded using boost threads, otherwise it performed like a dog. It has several other boost dependencies, which is what makes compilation a bear.

I’ve only tested it with a few 1080i cameras, but it seems to love 1080i59.97 and runs at full frame rate.


Hi jamezilla.

We are trying to get the captured signal for an OF app. Could you please send it to me, please?I cannot find your mail :frowning:
thanks in advance!

the addon is here: