Black screen between LaunchImage and draw()

Hi there,
im animating a splash at the moment that goes from a grey launch image into a grey filled background with animation on top.
Between the launch image and the start of the animation in draw() there is a black frame or two.
All i need is for that black frame to be grey.
Does anybody know what causes this problem and how to deal with it, apart from animating from black instead.
Many Thanks

Hey Miles,

same issue here. Did you eventually managed to tackle the issue somehow?

Hi there,

I didn’t solve it, I formed a visual workaround. So we now have an animated splash screen that starts as full black (with a full black launch image) then it fades up as animation occurs to the dark grey we use in the app.I’ve seen this issue in a few very popular apps, especially graphics intensive ones, most recent I’ve seen it on is Hearthstone. This is on an ipad2 so these things are more noticeable due to speed I suspect.


my problem was a long process on the OF setup method (I was listing all > 100 image files on a vector). By calling the function implementing that process before creating the OF app object there’s no blank frames anymore.

Hope that helps!

AhaaaaaThat sounds like a very sensible way to deal with it. Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Even with moving intensive function calls from setup() there’s still a few frames of Black screen. Does anyone else have the same thing?