Black Magic Intensity Pro on OSX


For testing, I am running the output of a mac laptop to hdmi at 1920x1080 at 24hz to the input of the intensity pro pcie card on a mac pro. I am using ofVideoGrabber to get the data from the card. It works, but it looks terrible (portion of captured image attached). When I use the included Black Magic software, the image looks perfect.
Is quicktime compressing the stream?
Can anyone offer any advice?


![]( Shot 2012-08-07 at 2.58.55 PM.png)

ofxQTKitVideoGrabber looks 10 times better and seems to have solved the issue. There is also very low latency when displaying at 720p.

When using ofxQTKitVideoGrabber, these are the options from the Black Magic Intensity Pro, so make sure if you are going to buy this card that the device you want to use with it has an output that matches one of the card input options below. I have tried a Canon 60D, 5D mark II and a XA10 camcorder and they all work at 1080i 59.94

2012-08-07 17:04:46.211 BlackMagicTestsDebug[4041:107] 0 - DeckLink  
2012-08-07 17:04:46.211 BlackMagicTestsDebug[4041:107] 1 - Blackmagic HD 1080i 50  
2012-08-07 17:04:46.212 BlackMagicTestsDebug[4041:107] 2 - Blackmagic HD 720p 59.94  
2012-08-07 17:04:46.212 BlackMagicTestsDebug[4041:107] 3 - Blackmagic HD 1080p 23.976  
2012-08-07 17:04:46.212 BlackMagicTestsDebug[4041:107] 4 - Blackmagic HD 720p 60  
2012-08-07 17:04:46.213 BlackMagicTestsDebug[4041:107] 5 - Blackmagic HD 720p 50  
2012-08-07 17:04:46.213 BlackMagicTestsDebug[4041:107] 6 - Intensity NTSC/PAL  
2012-08-07 17:04:46.213 BlackMagicTestsDebug[4041:107] 7 - Blackmagic HD 1080p 24  
2012-08-07 17:04:46.214 BlackMagicTestsDebug[4041:107] 8 - Blackmagic HD 1080i 59.94