Black-Hole effect multitouch table

Hi, this is the first project we (Loodik) have going on that’s coded with OF.

It has some hardware problems regarding the multitouch interface but the OF software runs as smooth as it can be.

thanks for all in people in the forum that helped me with my programming issues.


André V. Perrotta

Very nice! Looks great! =)

Are you using the ofxTouch addon or another piece of software (touchlib?)

I’m using openCv.

I couldn’t get ofxTouch to run, so I used ofxOpenCv.

Ok thanks.

We’re gonna be releasing a new openframeworks tracker soon. Might wanna try it out.

Again, great job!

Looks really good man, is there any info on whats goin on? (in english? :P) Is the audio/music linked to whats happening on the table?

Looking forward to it, been waiting for a while!

What happens is that anywhere you touch the table you create a “black-hole” and it generates a gravitational field to attract the stars, planets, and other things that appear randomly on the table.

When one of the bodies that are travelling randomly across the table gets sucked into the black-hole, it explodes.

It’s kind of a game, with no scores, levels, etc…

It doesn’t have any sound, the sound is in the room.

hi All, we made a better video, with some bugs fixed and improved hardware.

hey, is this only in video format? is there an app available for download?

(School network doesn’t allow YouTube… :cry: )

You can watch the video from our website: (It’s in portuguese tough).

since the table is still on display at the museum, I can’t make the app available yet. But when the exhibition is over I’ll try to do it.

Thanks for the interest.