Black fullscreen on Windows 10

A strange error occurs when I try to start an of application in fullscreen mode under windows 10: the screen turns black.

When I toggle from fullscreen to window mode by keyinput everything works like expected, the screen shows the correct picture.
I tried to find the error using ofToggleFullscreen() and ofSetFullscreen(true) produce the same result. I have no idea why this only occurs when switching the screen mode without key input. I also tried to toggle the screen with a delay of some seconds, same result: black screen.

Someone has any idea?

Best Brian

Ok, I found a workaround -> setting the window mode OF_GAME_MODE in main.cpp works for startup in full screen.

hey I had the same issue when using a projector… can you try toggling in mouseReleased?? this is what worked for me…

Yeah, that also works. But I had to trigger the event after the setup() in the draw() function. Ok, now we have two hacky workarounds.

yeah absolutely your hack is way better
I just wanted to see if it is the same issue,
most importantly we can now officially call this a bug.

So what are your specs?

do you use a projector??

the bug occurred for me in

Windows 10
NUC i7 16ram nvme samsung disk
connected to a projector from the thunderbolt output

The error seems to occur in any Windows 10 configuration.

I tried it with:
Bluechip i5, 4gb ram, samsung ssd, output through

  • hdmi from thunderbolt
  • hdmi via hdmi
    on projector and monitor

Intel compute stick (the old and the new one)

  • hdmi from thunderbolt
  • hdmi via hdmi

I’m not sure what happens if an external graphics card is used. This should be tried too, to see if it only occurs with an internal graphics card.

it seems that microsoft must have changed
something in the class that both glut and glfw use
I guess the reason that game mode works is because it is using a slightly different glfwCreateWindow implementation,
, it should be easy to fix until glfw fixes it internally , if they haven’t already

do we have an open issue for this?

Few days ago, we had a project running ok on windows 8.1, the client update the computer to windows 10 and now im having the same behavior.

On windows 10 i get an intermiten black screen, in my case OF_GAME_MODE does not help, and i can not make a call on update for a keypress.

Did someone found a solution for this?

we didn’t even open a case in github yet to be honest

I solved updating the video card drivers (nvidia) !!!

Now i can get fullscreen or a window without status bar (not decored one) but now randomly i get a black desktop when boot, only with the white cursor… But this is another thing

Finally opened an issue ->

Ok, the blackscreen can be fixed by using the current drivers as well on Intel graphics ->

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