black border with canopus advc55

ok so I’m sure this is not a problem with of as it happens in other apps (in hacktv, processing…), but as I know there are some people here with the exact same setup as me, I thought i’d ask… pardon the slightly off-topicing

I’ve just purchased a canopus advc55 and it seems to work well, except that I get a black line on the edges (see image).

I’m using it on a macbook pro with a watec-221s (which i’ve had no problems with before). I’m hoping that this is a configuration issue or some stupid thing, but I haven’t figured it out.

Has anyone run into this yet?

Thanks a lot.

I have the same black line on the edges, a bit smaller though [this is with an ADVC 110].

And I know that I had the same problem with a ADVC55 [but I don’t remember if the black line were as wide - I can let you know later]


oh thanks.

and do you just live with it or have found a way to get around it? not that it is a critical issue, but I’d like to know.

thanks a lot!

Well so far I lived with this, but for the project I’m working on right now this could have have been a problem. But as I needed to crop the video feed coming in anyway, it’s not has problematic.

But, me too, I would like to know if this is something that can be ‘fixed’ with via hardware [the canopus] and not software.