Billboard with Typo quad mesh

I tried to turn all the quad of a font oriented front to the camera
but i just found billboard using point sprite
It’s possible to make it with quad ?
it’s little bit to far for me


vertex shader

void main() {
gl_TexCoord[0] = gl_MultiTexCoord0;
vec4 eyeCoord = gl_ModelViewMatrix * gl_Vertex;
gl_Position = gl_ProjectionMatrix * eyeCoord;
float dist = sqrt(eyeCoord.xeyeCoord.x + eyeCoord.yeyeCoord.y + eyeCoord.z*eyeCoord.z);
float att = 600.0 / dist;

gl_PointSize = gl_Normal.x * att;
gl_FrontColor = gl_Color;


did you see this?

It is processing on the cpu but it might work for you.

Yes i manage to make each quad look front of the camera thanks to this method
i also use a other method lighter using ofTranslate and of ofRotate

		float angle = atan2(boids[i]->position.z,boids[i]->position.x);
                   angle = 90 - ofRadToDeg(angle);
                   ofRotate(angle, 0, 1, 0);

But i have to render around 10000 typoFace on a 4000 pix width screen
and the translate rotate method is not efficient
that why i look for a vertex shader method which oriente each quad to front of camera

sorry i can’t help then… I’m not quite fluent in shaders… it would take me some time to get it. But please post the result. I would love to see it!

You might find these tutorials helpful in constructing a billboard shader: