big ideas no knowledge or experience

i would like to do something with AR but lack all necessary skill if some one would be kind enough to assist me as far as how to use the OF and discus the feaseability of or even help/collaborate on the project i want to attempt please help :smiley:

if you want to understand what you need to learn in order to realize your project, just try to explain your ideas and we could point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

ok cool :wink: ) that would be cool :slight_smile: thanks

first: Martyn Coutts and Kate Richards made something a little bit like this in one iteration of their Wayfarer project: in the video of this project i saw, which was from several years ago, the audience teamed up to give voice instructions to four ‘actors’ who were running around in a warehouse space with wearable computers, playing essentially a version of an FPS game.

second: AR doesn’t need markers. the marker AR technology is ten years old, and current systems are markerless. source code is available but the license of fugly which means you can’t really do anything with it. i’m working on an open (GPL) reimplementation of this, but it’s currently on hold.