Bezier subdivision


I need to be able to “trace” a Bezier curve that I’ve drawn, in order to be able to animate along it. The curve is shown, so I need to get the values *exactly* right. Is there any way to get at the points on the curve from openframeworks?


Marek Saarman

You could take a look at a blog post I’ve made…–animator/

It’s some sort of bezier-shape-editor, I made to get more familiar on the subject of bezier curves. The source (located at the bottem of that post) includes some snippits to get the position on an bezier curve.

I’ve used this article, that I found very usefull:

I hope this will help.

Nice work Maff^ … I like the bezier editor, plus I’ve been thinking about jellyfish for some time now, so you got me reinspired :wink:

Chris Sugrue has some bezier interpolation code on her website: