Beyond Photography Pseudo Blog

Hello oF people!

Just thought I’d share the following work I’ve been putting together. I’ve been reading a really lovely book by Gerard J. Holzmann entitled Beyond Photography: The Digital Darkroom which describes loads of really awesome image effects.

I’ve been translating the effects into GLSL shaders a few a day and I’ve built a little openFrameworks application to cycle through them.

You can follow my progress which I’ll be updating each weekday and download it for yourself here:

I’d love if anyone could have a look at the shader code and let me know how to improve it. or if you’d like to add effects yourself please feel free! I’ll review any pull requests.

It’s very simple to use. Just pop three images in to the data/Images folder and then scroll through the effects! I’ve been using portraits but any images will do. If you find fun ones please feel free to post them!

Addons required are in the README but you’ll need ofxGui which comes default with oF and ofxNestedFileLoader (an addon I developed myself for loading multiple files).

Please post any cool images you manage to create!


Hi! Nice project :slight_smile: Do you post images of your progress online?

Indeed I do!

you can see some of them at my companies website here.

I’m planning on adding the final images to the github server as well.

Hey guys,

Thought I’d add some of the cooler images I’ve managed to produce here. Let me know what you think! All of the algorithms are in the github link above.


Sine Warp:

Brightness Shift:

Brightness Burst:



Oil Paint:



It looks very nice, love it!

Great collection of shaders, thanks for sharing! Why did you choose #version 120 in your shaders (im writing some shaders too at the moment and decided to use the latest possible version for my machine - so i’m curious about why others choose older versions)

Hey tom,

I chose an older version because it’s the one i’m most familiar with. I first learned it by reading the openFrameworks shader guide. I realize that it’s quite old now and would love to update them to a more recent version.

Which version are you using?

I’m using #version 410 core, which i think is the latest version that is supported by my macbook running el capitan. Not really sure if that makes sense though, as it probably reduces compatibility of my apps with other machines supporting only older versions of opengl. But as i’m using my sketches to learn opengl it felt right to use the newest version possible in order to get accustomed with the latest glsl syntax and rendering pipeline features.

Update with the newest effect.

Quite keen on this one! Tricky to get the blocks to shift evenly in a shader without looking at any other variables.