better video player for linux than quicktime


yes! it’s oF grabbing an internet stream flv video through vlc.

Will be able to do things like:

videoPlayer.loadFile("[http://.....flv](http://.....flv) :file-caching:4000");  

to load an internet stream

or even

videoPlayer.loadFile("[http://....](http://....) :sout=#transcode{vcodec=....");  

to make your own stream



to directly play a dvd

and every other thing you can do from the vlc command line.

Also look at the texture, is RGBA so videos can have transparency, and it can be easily enabled and disabled.

And of course it has sound!

Some code soon.

ps: Pierre, Dan, sorry guys I had to use that :wink:

Nice one!

As VLC is cross platform, would this potentially work on Windows and OSX as well ?

sure, the only problem is vlc is gpl…




ah ah ah ah ah

Arturo strikes again!

Hi arturo,
Very much looking forward to testing your libvlc code…so please upload when it’s ready.

I’m having some problems with speed control, also the vmem module that allows video output to memory is really new, and there’s almost no documentation. By now I have a ofVideoPlayer without speed or position control and you must load movies with a known size, I’m going to clean what I have and upload, so you can take a look.

By the way, is the latest version of FOBS (Fobs 0.4.2) going to be used in 0.06? Have you tried it?

yes, I’ve used fobs 0.4.2, because I’ve used some functionality for colorspace conversion from ffmpeg in the videograbber that conflicts with the old fobs version as it’s been deprecated, and it’s been a nightmare. Apart from compiling with scons, fobs has uninitialized variables, double frees and similar problems all over the code. I’ve posted in the fobs forum and even let my mail address there but have received no response.