Best way to start OF from scratch in OpenCV

Hi there, I am Pavan. I am a budding developer in C++. I love to develop things using computer vision and Opencv. Recently I heard of OF and delighted to know that you have the ofxOpenCv for computer vision. I am little doubtful about to what extent this way of learning Opencv out stands the conventional way of learning.

Thank you,

Hi Pavan, I think the philosophy behind making a add-on for open-cv is to normalize function call and dependencies so it integrate well in different projects. To my knowledge there is more than one add-on that are opencv centric, but a good start is the exemples inside the openframeworks folder. They are in : examples/addons/opencvExample or opencvHaarFinderExample.

If it does not do what you want, there is a alternative approach here :

hope it helps.

hey thank you! gllmar . I will look through that . I feel that i should have expertise in c++ to get started with ?

openframeworks is a really good environnement to learn c++, there is plenty of examples to get started and mix them together to learn. The community is also very supportive and a lot of answers to common problems are archived in the forum. Having a project to get started is probably the best way to get in to it. Have fun!