Best way to send messages and files between to apps on different computers

I’m have two different parts ( apps ) that I want to communicate with each other. I also want to be able to save and send a file from one app to another. I was thinking of several methods to do this … websockets, osc?, creating a web services and using node? any recommendations would be great. Thanks!

Most of the people uses OSC. Then local network to save files anywhere.

So how do they communicate, over the wifi network? can’t seen to get it to work over wifi

As Jordi mentions lots of people use OSC for this but you can always just use UDP or you can look at Chris Bakers excellent ofxNetworkUtils to give you more options on communicating with a Node server or other functionality. OSC over wifi can be a little tricky because you need to know what the IP address of each device on the network is and it’s going to change each time they connect and reconnect. A wired network is much easier because you can fix each devices IP address. One way that I’ve handled this when I’ve had to use a wifi network to connect things locally is to assign an ID to each device and then have them communicate with a server somewhere else and register their current IP and then their ID so any other device can find the IP by the ID of the device that it wants to communcate with.

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that seems like a good approach … also just switched wifi networks, turned out that there was a firewall on the one that was on blocking the traffic

Not to tag on a completely different question here, but is it possible to send an image over osc like it is over web sockets? if so, does anyone have some example code?

I think OSC message size is limited to 5K, so I would rather use webSockets

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